Trust and Estate Planning  Set up for favorable tax treatment of your assets; suppress legal issues; clearly dictate the distribution of your assets upon death.

Documents we can prepare for you:

  • Parent or Guardian Delegation of Powers
  • Appointment of Guardian
  • Medical Durable Power of Attorney: Identify your wishes for health care if you are too ill or injured to speak for yourself; identify a person to act and speak on your behalf
  • General Durable Power of Attorney: Identify a person to take care of important matters to you in the event that you are unable to due to illness or injuries
  • Advance Directive for Medical Surgical Treatment: This is the primary authority for advance directives for medical/surgical treatment in Colorado under the Colorado Medical Treatment Decision Act, which allows an adult to accept or reject medical or surgical treatment in the event of a terminal condition or persistent vegetative state.
  • Last Will and Testament: Name one or more people to manage your estate and distribute at death
  • Marital Will: For a husband and wife who have decendants and the combined estate is approaching or exceeds twice the applicable federal tax exclusion amount. The surviving spouse is named as the personal representative, and has an unlimited lifetime right to withdraw from the trust. At the death of the surviving spouse, the Family Trust is divided into separate trusts for the living children.
  • Pour-over Will: To be used in conjunction with a revocable trust
  • Trust
    • Created under a will to leaveyour property in the hands of a trustee
    • Can be used for federal estate tax purposes if your combined estate is approaching or exceeds twice the applicable exclusion amount
    • We will prepare and file property deeds to transfer personally owned property you’re your trust
  • Disposition of Last Remains: Instructions for the disposition of body and for funeral or memorial service
  • Life Insurance Beneficiary Designation: Customize life insurance company’s own beneficiary form to fit your needs
  • Authorization to Release Health Information: Release of medical records and other protected health information to designated individuals or organizations


Several of our employees are also notaries, and we can notarize your signatures on any of the above listed documents.

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